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Volunteers' Descriptions and Details

The life blood of any prison ministry is its volunteers.

A good prison ministry does not work without volunteers.

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We are always thankful for your careful consideration in regards to serving in this ministry. Please feel free to use the form here to ask any additional questions regarding our volunteering program. We look forward to hearing from you. God Bless

  • Vision Statement

    Our Vision is to radically transform the Formerly Incarcerated & Their Families to be productive community members by mentoring them in the “Way & Gospel” of Jesus Christ. (Deuteronomy 6:5-9)

  • Mission Statement

    To glorify God in growing mentor relationships and active commitments to the “Way & Gospel” of Jesus Christ. We will do this by a passionate demonstration of the Truth, Mercy, & Love through a Kingdom Perspective.

  • Program Statement

    Who: The Formerly Incarcerated & Their Families
    What: Disciple in 5 Key Areas
    When: 6 to 8 Months Post Release

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